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Voter ID Standards In Mexico, You Won’t Believe It!

Well, the “voter ID is racist” card just got blown up.


Totally eviscerated.

That’s right, the Libs have tried their best to tell us how “racist” Voter ID laws are, except they didn’t realize one thing: the voter ID laws in Mexico are ridiculously more strict than here in the USA.

That’s right.  Not only is voter ID required, but it has a lot of steps.

Take a look at this tweet that is going absolutely viral right now:

Thank you to Deplorable Linda for breaking this one wide open!

So what do you all think?  Should we “upgrade” to Mexican voter ID laws?

Hard to be racist when you adopt the exact law used IN MEXICO!  Right?

I love it.

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  • Brad Scofield September 20, 2017

    Let’s do it !!

  • Joseph Botha September 20, 2017

    The voter ID law that is used in Mexico must be made law in America. This will show how many illegal votes, double to triple votes have been cast for the Democrats.


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