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JUSTICE SERVED: Anti-Trump Judge Suspended Without Pay For Attacking Trump!

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Trump Derangement Syndrome, it appears, has taken hold of a number of left-leaning judges throughout America. The latest of these Trump-haters, a Utah judge, has engaged in activity resulting in his being suspended without pay for six months.

So many have been emboldened to say or do whatever they want, when it comes to Trump-bashing, that they tend to forget who they are and what standards of behavior and professionalism they are required to uphold. One has to wonder how much of this type of nastiness would have been endured in the event that it were Barack Obama being constantly and unprofessionally attacked.

Americans see what is happening, and they will not sit idly by as these individuals continue to abuse their authority and utilize taxpayer-funded time to air out their biases and bash the President.

The judge, Hon. Michael Kwan, has reportedly taken to Facebook to post disparaging anti-Trump comments, but he’s also sounded-off in the courtroom from the bench, as well. NBC News has the detailed story:

“A Utah judge has been suspended for six months without pay after he made a series of critical statements about President Donald Trump online and in his courtroom over the past few years.

The Utah Supreme Court filed its court ruling this past week on Judge Michael Kwan’s actions.

Kwan, who has served as a justice court judge in Taylorsville for 20 years, was cited for ‘improper use of judicial authority and his inappropriate political commentary,’ the latter often involving President Trump.

. . .

Three days after the 2016 election, Kwan wrote on Facebook, ‘Think I’ll go to the shelter to adopt a cat before the President-Elect grabs them all’ — a reference to the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape in which Trump was heard bragging about grabbing women’s genitals without consent.

Almost a month after Trump’s inauguration, Kwan said ‘welcome to the beginning of the fascist takeover’ and questioned whether Congressional Republicans would be ‘the American Reichstag,’ this time referring to the political body of Nazi Germany.

. . .

When a defendant said he was praying to get a large tax return in 2017 to pay off his fines and avoid going to jail, Kwan appeared to tell the man he shouldn’t hold his breath because of President Trump.

‘Prayer might be the answer,’ the judge said, ‘’cause he just signed an order to start building the wall and he has no money to do that, and so if you think you are going to get taxes back this year, uh, yeah, maybe, maybe not. But don’t worry, there is a tax cut for the wealthy, so if you make over $500,000 you’re getting a tax cut.'”

The judge predictably noted the First Amendment, claiming his speech in each of these cases is protected, without paying service to the fact that he is a judge and his held to a higher standard of personal conduct. Judges throwing fits about duly-elected officials demonstrates their inability to practice impartiality.

Apparently, this is not the first time this particular member of the judiciary has been reprimanded for his conduct, according to this report by La Corte News:

“The Judicial Conduct Commission and the Supreme Court have publicly reprimanded Kwan on multiple occasions over different violations. The court said one of the reprimands was for Kwan’s ‘crass in-court reference to sexual conduct and a former president of the United States.’

‘We note that previous endeavors to help Judge Kwan correct this behavior have not been successful. And we regretfully conclude that a sanction less severe than suspension without pay will suffer the same fate as our prior attempts,’ wrote Justice John Pearce in the court’s opinion.”

Hopefully this news will send a message to other members of the judiciary, across the nation, who wish to follow the lead of Judge Kwan and use their power and authority to make impartial political remarks in open court. That message? Do your job; leave the partisan crap-throwing contest to the swampy politicians.

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