Trump Supports Chant “Peace and Love” At Record-Breaking Arizona Rally! No Hate!

The only hate on display at the Trump Arizona rally was predictably from the protestors.

Have you ever been to a Trump rally?

I’ve been to several.  And they are a surreal experience.  You’re there with tens of thousands of people, and you’re all of one-mind.  All on one team.  It’s so cool.

People are so good to each other at a Trump rally.  It’s something you just have to experience.  The goodwill is overflowing.

Please comment below if you’ve been to one and can back me up on this.  Such a cool experience.

So it didn’t surprise me at all to see a chant of “Peace and Love” break out amongst Trump supporters:

Yeah, kind of different than the image the Crooked Media wants to keep pushing, isn’t it?

They’re liars folks!

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Please help us spread this TRUTH!  Please share!

It’s time good people spoke out, and spoke UP for our President!  Please join us in support!


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