President Trump BLASTED Socialism at the U.N., Then This Happened

You’d like there are certain things we can all agree on are bad….

Hitler (the real one, not the stupid Trump comparison)




You get the idea.

But stunningly it looks like not everyone thinks socialism is evil, despite the fact that it has brought extreme poverty and dictatorships EVERYWHERE it has been tried.

But that’s the sad state of our world, and especially the sad state of Europe and the U.N., because in his very powerful speech today to the U.N., President Trump lambasted socialism and then paused expecting applause….and none came.  Stone silence.

Bill O’Reilly was quick to comment:

Pretty stunning isn’t it?

That’s the state of our world, folks.  It’s Donald Trump and Poland vs. this madness.

God Bless you Mr. Trump, we are forever grateful for you!

Please comment below.

By the way, speaking of the U.N., you do know their Official Logo is the EXACT SAME as the flat earth map, right?  Oh, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence and not another example of the elites hiding things in plain sight.  Nah.  Take a look:

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