OUTRAGEOUS! Rosie O’Donnell Calls For Trump’s Assassination, Quickly Regrets It

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Well folks, this is why they call her Grossie O’Donnell.

Because this is just sick.

Did she learn nothing from Kathy Griffin?  I guess not.

Because Grossie just posted this idiotic Tweet that encourages players to “push President Trump off a cliff.”

It’s called inciting violence Rosie, and it’s very trashy.  And possibly criminal when you do it to the President, as Kathy Griffin found out during a chat with the Secret Service!  Not funny!  Not satire.  Just trash.

Take a look:

Twitter quickly came to President Trump’s defense:

Now, for anyone wondering why Grossie O’Donnell hates Donald Trump so much, it’s because Trump totally destroyed her in this rant 10 years ago, and it is so epic, take a look:

And then he destroyed her again last year in front of millions watching the debate, also an instant classic:

This is why I love Trump!  EPIC!

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