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Tide Turning in Trump’s Favor! Another Celeb Comes Out Against Kathy Griffin!

You know, most people when they burn their hand on a hot stove stop touching the stove.  

It’s common sense.  But that doesn’t happen with the Looney Left Celebrities and Democrats!  They never learn, and quite frankly I’m happy for it!  They are handing Trump the 2020 election on a gold platter!  Every time something happens like the Kathy Griffin incident, Trump gets stronger and it’s more likely he wins 2020 in a landslide!

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I hope they continue attacking him and doing these ridiculous things so that the American public continues to see just how LITTLE they have in common with the far left.  But actually the tide is now turning a little bit.  Yesterday, Roseanne Barr made big news when she came out in support of the President and slammed Kathy Griffin for he disgusting “art project”.

And now we have another one!

Singer Demi Lovato (famous for current hit “Cool For the Summer“) just sent these two Tweets:

While she was being a little coy, the Internet quickly surmised this was a direct hit against Kathy Griffin.  The second Tweet is her way of saying she “spilled the beans” or shared some gossip.  Oops!  LOL.  Lovato is exactly right!  Kathy Griffin is the bully here and like he far left always does, she was quick to flip it around and play the victim.  No one is buying it Kathy!

Never one to have a classy reply, Kathy Griffin shot back with this foul-mouthed and disgusting Tweet back to Lovato:

Stay classy Kathy!

Thank you Demi for having the common sense and courage to speak out against the Far Left Loons!  And if you want to support Demi, pick up a copy of her new album:

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