Lindsey Graham asks Judge Gorsuch Slimy Question about President Trump, but Gorsuch Responds BEAUTIFULLY! (Watch)

PSH. Graham trying to throw Roe V. Wade in Judge Gorsuchs’ face, making up crazy hypotheticals…

Seriously, where do guys like Lindsey Graham come from? First this wack job asks “what would it take to impeach Trump?” THEN completely messes up his judges, confusing the late Justice Scalia with (the not dead) Justice Alito… Give me a break.

Obviously this cat has no idea what he’s doing; and you can tell by the tone in Judge Gorsuch’s voice… He is not amused. Not one bit.

We can’t wait to see Gorsuch make the transition from Judge to Justice! And in the mean time, for Lindsey Graham to continue to make an absolute embarrassment out of himself.


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