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Lindsey Graham: RIP Justice Alito

According to Lindsey Graham, we lost Justice Sam Alito last year.

Of course, in reality we lost Justice Scalia, not Alito.

Everyone has a bad day and slip of the tongue, but this was a pretty major one for someone who thinks so highly of himself.

Here’s the report, from USA Today:

Maybe it was a slip of the tongue. Maybe it was bad notes.

Regardless, Sen. Lindsey Graham mixed up Supreme Court justices during the confirmation hearing for nominee Neil Gorsuch on Tuesday. The gaffe happened while Graham discussed nominations made during an election year.

“Justice Alito passed away in February,” the South Carolina Republican said.

Except that Justice Samuel Alito is actually alive. It was the death of another conservative judge, Antonin Scalia, that left the vacant seat on the court. Scalia died in February 2016, in the middle of the primary season.

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