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Warning: ANIFA to Stage a Riot in Boston Next Week

The Deep State is not very creative, are they?

They seem to have two game plans in their playbook.

The first is Russia, and they’ve run that into the ground.  It’s fake news and never went anywhere.

The second is to stage riots and incite violence all across the country.  They seem to be playing this card a lot recently.  This week was Charlotte, next week looks like Boston.

BREAKING:  ACLU Just Exposed Charlotte, Stand Down Order Given

Here is what we know so far….

A Free Speech rally has been planned for next week in Boston, details here:

ANIFA doesn’t like free speech, so they plan to shut down the rally, here are the Event details from their Facebook group:

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  • throwaway542542 August 15, 2017

    That is not an Antifa Facebook group. That is a screenshot from a Facebook group created by local Bostonian’s that do not want bigots coming to spew hate and spur violence. If you read the screenshot it contains a list of government official’s phone numbers and asks for people to express their concerns to our representatives. That is quite the opposite of planning a riot. This article (if one can call this journalism) is not factual and incredibly poorly written. Apparently “Patriots” and “Trump Supporters” have a reading comprehension level of a third grader. Which makes sense, given that they buy into “reporting” such as this.


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