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VIDEO: Biker Drives Through Crowd of Anti-Trump Protestors!

These protestors are getting out of control.

Sure, protests are part of the First Amendment, and we support that.  But stop doing it in our public streets!  You aren’t protesting, you’re just trying to disrupt life!  Kind of like the Democrats.  You can’t do anything positive with your life so you lay all over a public street.  Ridiculous.

This motorcyclist had had enough and revved his engine as we went right through the group that was “staging a die-in”!  No he didn’t hit anyone or target anyone.  He was just sending a message: this is a public road.  It’s for motorcycles, not you lazy asses laying all over the street!

Here you go, watch:

Motorcyclist Detained After Riding Through San Francisco Heathcare Protest

Man who rode a motorcycle through a crowd of activists blocking a San Francisco street and protesting the GOP healthcare bill was detained. Allen Martin reports.

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