UH, OH: Trump Just Aimed His Deadliest Trademark Weapon At Bob Corker – And FIRED!

President Trump can seem besieged on all sides at times. Democrats, Republicans, the media…everyone takes a turn taking a shot.

But The Donald has always had a secret weapon – branding.

Remember when Jeb Bush was the calm, reasonable GOP candidate who would easily out-spend and out-gun Trump?

Low-Energy Jeb.

Or when Ted Cruz fudged on the facts when attempting to take down the insurgent front-runner?

Lyin’ Ted.

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What about when Hillary Clinton launched her general election campaign of fraud and manipulation?

Crooked Hillary.

Now, Trump has aimed his genius “branding iron” at another opponent – mainstream Republican shill and POTUS-hating senator Bob Corker.

As usual, Trump’s kill-shot branding has a physical component. Bob Corker’s wild complaints about the White House make him sound “liddle” for sure…

…but the senator is also legendarily short!

The small-stature’d senator is in trouble now. That’s the long and, ahem, short of it.

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