Trump TRIPLES DOWN, Says Obama Wiretapped Both Him and Merkel! This Man is Incredible!

If you thought Trump regretted his wiretapping tweet or was backing away from it, you’re sorely mistaken.  

Earlier this week, he made very clear to Tucker Carlson that he stands behind it and evidence to support his claim will be coming soon!  Doesn’t sound like a man who regrets it to me.  It sounds like someone who already has the evidence and is just playing the media and Obama for his own pleasure, ready to close the trap whenever he damn well feels like it.  Sounds to me like a man very much in total control.

Then today, he tripled down by saying in a live press conference with Angela Merkel to his right that they have something in common….Obama wiretapped them both!  An absolutely surreal and incredible moment!

Take a look:

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