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Trump Stuns Audience When He Drops $29 Million On The Ground!

You gotta love our President!  He knows how to make a point, and he also knows how to have fun.

This just happened and I’d definitely say Trump made his point.

Here’s what happened.  Trump is working to get our economy booming again!  And we can’t do that with crippling environmental regulations.  Sure, we want to see the environment clean as much as anyone else, but there are much better ways to do it and then albatross we have now.

To make that point, Trump just did this.  Here’s a transcript and scroll down to watch the video clip.  Absolutely incredible!  GO TRUMP!


TRUMP: “As one example, and this happened just 30 minutes ago, I was sitting with a great group of people responsible for their state’s economic development and roadways, all of you are in the room now, and one gentleman from Maryland was talking about a 18-mile road, and he brought with him some of the approvals that they have gotten and paid for. They spent $29 million for an environmental report weighing 70 pounds and costing $24,000 per page. And I said, ‘Do me a favor, I’ll make a speech in a little while. Do you mind if I take that and show it?’ So I’m going to show it.
(Applause)  Nobody’s going to read it.”


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