Tables Turned! Trump Has Been Investigating Comey Since March!

This is freaking awesome! 

You don’t pull one over on our President.  Not now, not ever.  James Comey, the inept former Director of the FBI, thought he was the one conducting the investigation.  It turns out, Comey’s investigation was a massive failure and instead Trump is the one who’s been investigating him!  Our President ALWAYS has the upper hand, and he’s always five steps ahead of you!  Especially someone as slow and inept as the goofy James Comey.

And what was being investigated?  Exactly the thing that the lame-brained James Comey just admitted in Congress:  that Comey himself was The Leaker!

“We know that Kazowitz has been investigating this…since March. Investigating whether Comey or his subordinates have been leaking certain pieces of information to New York Times reporters…” – Charles Gasparino, Fox News

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Take a look at this Tweet from Fox Business:

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