Trump Getting Involved, Puts DOJ/FBI on Notice Over Hillary's China Hack! -

Trump Getting Involved, Puts DOJ/FBI on Notice Over Hillary’s China Hack!

Our President is finally getting involved!

Until now, President Trump has very carefully tried to remain “uninvolved” when it came to the FBI and DOJ.

Although it has left us frustrated with the corruption continuing to run wild in those organizations, and dismay at Jeff Sessions inability to do much of anything, it was a wise move.  Very wise.

You see, if Trump had intervened with a heavy hand in the FBI and DOJ, his critics would have said he was meddling and not allowing the wheels of justice to turn.

They would have said he was trying to hide something.

So instead he gave them enough rope to hang themselves.

He gave them nearly two full years, and let Mueller run wild.  If there was collusion, he should have found it by now.

It there was any evidence that Trump committed any crime, he would have found it by now.

But not so much as an unpaid parking ticket!

No, all they got was ten year old tax charges against Manafort, which have nothing at all to do with Trump or his campaign, and a murky plea deal with Cohen, which many legal experts claim is tenuous at best.  And also not related to Mr. Trump or the campaign.

So now, after letting them twist and tie themselves up in the noose, it appears Mr. Trump is getting involved.

And it’s just the right time!

If you know anything about Mr. Trump, you know he’s a counter-puncher only.  He doesn’t go out looking for fights.  He only punches back after you attack him.

And boy oh boy has he been attacked.

Yet his trademark counter-punch has been missing in action while he exercised the patience of a saint.

But make no mistake, he hasn’t forgotten.  The counter-punch is coming and it’s going to be MAGNIFICENT!

Late last night, our President sent out a Tweet, putting Hillary Clinton, Jeff Sessions, the DOJ and the FBI on notice…..the counter-punch has begun:

In less than 140 characters, Mr. Trump managed to convey a whopper of a message.

Let me decode it for you:

1. He announced to the world that Hillary Clinton was hacked by China.  This was while she was running her own private email server out of her home.

2. He told the DOJ and FBI if they don’t investigate, he’s getting involved.

3. Trump getting involved means he will declassify and release the evidence he has on them.

The third reason above is the big one.  I personally believe that the reason Trump appears so calm through this massive Deep State attack is because he has the goods on them.

I believe he has the evidence in his back pocket and he’s been applying The Art of the Deal to release it only at the right time.

And when he does it will be glorious.

The FBI and DOJ are nearing the end of their rope.  Will they comply or will Trump have to take them down?

It appears we’ll know very soon!

Enjoy my friends, it’s just starting to get good!  MAGA!

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