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Trump Blasts Schwarzenegger For Tanking Apprentice Ratings

We all know Trump hasn’t thought much of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s performance on The Apprentice, the show Trump ran before he ran for President.

But even with all the other things President Trump was busy with today (accusing Obama of wiretapping his office, managing a defunct Congress, running the free world) he still found time to insult Arnold for his horrible performance on The Apprentice.

Here’s what the Donald had to say:

Schwarzenegger tried to hit back through Twitter, but when the last season of The Apprentice ranked 2nd least popular in the last 15 seasons, crying “fact-check!” just doesn’t sound as impressive as it usually does:

Trump’s tweet comes on the heels of Schwarzenegger’s resignation from The Apprentice yesterday. In his resignation announcement, Schwarzenegger had the nerve to suggest that The Apprentice’s plummeting ratings resulted from Trump’s election “baggage.”

Sure, Arnold. Just keep telling yourself that.

Last month, Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast and hit a good one at Schwarzenegger, suggesting that Americans pray for Arnold to rescue his low ratings on the Apprentice.

Watch here:

Trump in remarks at National Prayer Breakfast !

President Donald J. Trump in remarks at National Prayer Breakfast: Arnold Schwarzenegger and The New Celebrity Apprentice need prayers to help the show’s sagging ratings

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