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Top Intelligence Officer Supports Trump’s Claim of Obama Wiretapping!

This story is only beginning to unfold, and I predict it will get very good for Trump and very bad for Obama before too long!

The story broke this morning.  It was immediately called much worse than Watergate.

More details have emerged throughout the day, but the story remains in the early stages.

I went on record a few hours ago to say Trump had evidence of the claim.

And now it looks like a Top Intelligence Official agrees!

Take a look at the excellent video below.  Retired Lt. Col Tony Schaffer hits the nail on the head.  He calls this worse than Watergate.  Worse than Cold War Soviet tactics.

Shaffer:  “I don’t doubt for a second that Trump had sufficient evidence before he made this claim!”

We can’t tolerate this in America.  I am looking forward to the investigation into Obama!  Can’t wait!

Enjoy the clip:

CONFIRMED: President Trump’s Obama Wire Tapping Claims Backed By Top Intelligence Officer

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