Developing: MAJOR Obama Wiretapping Scandal is Expanding! More Details Here.

Sorry libs, this is not going away.

It’s about to get VERY BAD for Obama.

He tried to set a trap for Trump, but it looks like it’s going to blow up into a MASSIVE SCANDAL that may take him down completely.

The story broke this morning that Obama had wire tapped Trump’s communications in Trump Tower!

Here is more information.

Here is a snippet from a really smart analysis that you might enjoy:

The ONLY reason Donald Trump was not assassinated is because they could not build or create from whole cloth a believable COVER STORY and they were not yet ready to create bloody civil war because they KNEW the Overt Military and the Covert Intelligence Establishment’s paramilitary would not stand together, meaning, EVERYONE would have lost, meaning the Globalist power structure of the Deep State was in danger.  Obama and the Deep Marxist/Globalist State were left with the choice of rolling the dice on the election or destroy everything.  It is only the mercy of God they chose the former.

Read the full article here.

For an in-depth analysis on the timeline of how this developed going back several months, check out this amazing post here:

Stay tuned for more developments!

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TRENDING NOW >>  Obama in MAJOR Scandal

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