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I Stand Strong With Trump! Period.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

“Trump said something terrible!  His campaign is finished…FINISHED I tell you!”

“John McCain just withdrew his support!”  (smile) (does he have any influence left anyway?)

We’ve been hearing that same narrative for 15 months now!  Over and over and over.  And Teflon Don just keeps rising in the polls!

Oh, the NeverTrump crowd was out in full force last night.  Very giddy.  I bet some of them didn’t sleep much.  It’s been fun to watch their giddiness turn to cautious worry that the “scandal” just doesn’t seem to be getting traction with mainstream America.

It’s not for lack of trying.  All the old NeverTrump crowd has given it their best effort, but the American people just don’t seem to care too much that Donald Trump had some off color remarks 11 years ago.

Actually that’s an understatement.  ABC News ran a poll probably expecting Trump support to vanish only to find that over 97% (when I voted) still strongly supported Trump!  See it here before they take it down.

I’m with the 97%.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed over the past 24 hours:

The “Christians” who constantly attack Trump look real bad.

I put that in quotes because real Christians do not act this way.  Instead of showing love or grace, this group hates Trump with a passion.  Why?  Because he’s not as perfect as they want.  Sickeningly self-righteous crowd.

Give me a break.  These are the same people who worship George W. Bush and Ted Cruz, two of the more despicable human beings ever to enter politics.  But they’re great ACTORS, fooling thousands of people into thinking they’re great Christians.  PUKE.

Wasn’t there something about being harmless as doves but wise as serpents?  This crowd is clueless, the wool pulled very deep over their eyes.

I am here to tell you Donald Trump has more integrity than Bush, Cruz and all of them combined.

Trump is authentic.  He’s real.  He makes mistakes, but he learns from them and get’s better.  And he never tries to pretend he’s someone he’s not.

So please, save me your uppity, self-righteous high horses.  It’s sad, watching your hero worship of people who are actually terrible human beings.

We are electing a President, not a Pastor.

This is also directed at the delusional Ted Cruz crowd.  I’ve said this from the very beginning, when Iowa got confused and thought they were electing a Pastor, not the next President of the United States.  It’s a big difference folks.

Do you know Kris Valloton?  If not, you should.

He may challenge a lot of your preconceived notions about how to vote.  No, I’m not going democrat on you (and neither does he).  But I am strongly suggesting that Trump is a far superior candidate to your charlatan Ted Cruz.

All of you Ted Cruz-zombies probably also have major problems with Joseph and Daniel, but then again you can just ignore those pesky portions of the Bible!

Listen and prepare to be challenged:


It’s a Setup?

Was this all a big setup?  The evidence is starting to look like it.  Billy Bush, the other man from the tapes, is a Bush, literally the nephew of good old Low Energy Jeb.  Think Jeb and the Bush Crime Family have an axe to grind?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect those dots.

Someone had been hanging on to this thinking they had the big “October Surprise” except they forgot about….

Down Arrow

Teflon Don

From the very beginning, each time the NeverTrump crowd thought they had snared Trump, they were dismayed to find he rose another 5 points in the polls.

Get ready for it to happen again folks.

I see people on my feed saying “He’s done, on Monday it’s all over.”  They’re in for a big surprise come Monday when new polls come out like the ABC poll above and Trump is even stronger!  These people may go suicidal, so grant them a wide berth on Monday, they won’t be happy.

Keep rocking Donald, we are behind you 100% all the way to the White House!!!!!!!

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