FLASHBACK VIDEO: Obama Mocks Trump on Carrier, Admits He Has No Idea How to Save the Jobs!

This is a gem!  Solid gold.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is worth a mint!

From only a few months ago, smug Obama held a townhall session with PBS.

He was in typical, top-form Obama arrogance, literally sneering his lip at Trump and mocking Trump for saying he could save the Carrier jobs.

He then goes on in the same clip to admit he has no idea how to save those jobs, and that it would be impossible!


Now only a few short months later, with Trump not even sworn in yet and Obama still in office, Trump has negotiated a deal as President-elect to save the Carrier Air Conditioner plant and keep it in the USA!

READ MORE:  Trump Saves 1,000+ Carrier Jobs!

Can you say “major egg on Obama’s face”?

Amazing how much embarrassment Obama managed to cram into the 1 minute video!

Watch and enjoy:


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