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REPORT: Secret Service “Worn Out” By Trump!

My first thought in reading this headline:  what a bunch of wimps!

I thought we had some of the best and brightest in the Secret Service?  I guess not, because they can’t keep up with a 70 year old!

Donald Trump has famously been reported as sleeping only about 4 hours every night, a report that was recently confirmed here.  The man has an over-abundance of energy and he just doesn’t have time for sleep!  Too bad the Secret Service doesn’t feel the same way.  Someone get these people a 5-Hour Energy!

I guess when you’re used to just following O-Bummer around the golf course for 8 years, or watching him kick his feet up on the Oval Office desk, you get a little “lax” in your duties.  When a Type A Commando comes along, you’re fat, lazy and out of practice!


They’d better figure it out soon, because Donald Trump shows no signs of slowing down.  He’s not going to lower his game, so you’d better raise yours!

Oh and get this, they only work in 2 week shifts according to the news release.  Two weeks following Trump around and they are gassed!  Fellas (and ladies) ….. that’s just embarrassing!  Mix in some training, or eat some more greens or something!  My goodness, a 70 year old man is running laps around you!

Here’s more of the story, from news icon Cosmopolitan:

Morale at the Secret Service has dropped to an all-time low and has become the least desirable government agency to work for, a new survey of federal government organizations reports. According to the New York Times, that’s because protecting the entire Trump family (and members of Trump’s administration) has completely worn its members down.

Between the president’s trips to and from Mar-a-Lago and the first lady’s full-time residence in New York, dozens of agents have been pulled off criminal cases from across the country to serve the Trump family in two-week stints. Not only are they understaffed to protect those they’re required to by law (partially because vice president and Dr. Joe Biden and Malia Obama still have regular protection, which will end as of this summer), but at Trump’s request, Secret Service detail has been provided for his four adult children, as well as administration members Reince Priebus, H.R. McMaster, and Kellyanne Conway.

“They are flat-out worn out,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz told the Times. Many of the agents were reportedly hoping for a break after a particularly strenuous election year, but instead have been bogged down by overtime work because of Trump’s (and his family’s) constant traveling.

Though Vice President Mike Pence hasn’t traveled nearly as much as Trump has during their 11 weeks in office, his protection is reportedly strained as well. Per CNN, a Secret Service agent on his detail was arrested and subsequently suspended Wednesday night after allegedly soliciting a prostitute at a D.C. hotel.

Read the full story here:

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