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Donald Trump’s Life-long Butler Shares Some Rare Insights!

Are you a Donald Trump superfan?  

I am, and I always love when I can learn some new insights about the man!

I think you’ll enjoy this, two interviews with Donald Trump’s life-long butler.

Here’s #1:

Trump’s Ex-Butler: He’s a Picky Eater Who Hates Sloppy Dressers

More from Inside Edition: Donald Trump former butler Tony Senecal has much to tell, like when a young Mr. Trump and first wife Ivana, had four butlers waiting on them hand and foot. Senecal, who served Trump for almost 20 years, told IE: “The man sleeps maybe three or four hours a night.”

Here’s #2:

Donald Trump’s former butler: ‘He loves mirrors’

One man who really knows what Donald Trump is like is his private butler, Anthony Senecal. Before retiring a few years ago, he worked at Mr Trump’s lavish Mar-a-Lago estate for three decades.

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