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Rare Down To Earth Long Interview with Donald Trump

I enjoyed this very much, I think you will too!

I always love learning more about Donald Trump.  I’ve read all his books, watched a ton of interviews.  But I’d never seen this one.

I love learning what makes him tick.  What’s he like behind the scenes.

If you do too, I think you’ll love this one.

Please enjoy, and then SHARE with your friends!  This is the Donald Trump we all know and love!  Not the false image the Crooked Media tries to paint.

Very Down-to-Earth Donald Trump Interview

Donald Trump documentary from Donald’s own apartment in Trump Tower. Donald Trump is known as Real Estate Developer, Broker, Hotelier, Golf Course Developer, Avid Golfer, Best Selling Author, Emmy-Nominated TV Star, Radio Celebrity, Restaurateur, Model Manager, Pageant Partner, Merchandiser, Promoter, Philanthropist, Husband, Father and Grandfather.

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