President Trump Just Crashed Another Wedding! 😁

You gotta love this guy.

“The People’s President!”

We reported yesterday that Trump was beginning a 17-day stint away from the White House, heading up to his club in New Jersey.

While the Crooked Media fell all over themselves to criticize him for a vacation, we brought you the truth about it yesterday.

Read More: The Truth Behind Trump’s “Vacation”

Trump was quick to remind everyone again this morning it was a working trip:

But although it was a working trip, it didn’t mean he didn’t have time to squeeze in some fun. Β Like crashing a wedding at his New Jersey club.

Take a look, this is pretty awesome:

Reaction on Twitter was very positive, with people calling him “The People’s President!”

This wasn’t the first time he’s crashed a wedding either.

It happened just a few months ago, and this bride and groom were also thrilled by this visit:

So keep telling us how “unpopular” he is Crooked Media….real American’s tell a different story.


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