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Jeff Sessions Just Released a Statement About Chicago and Rahm Emanuel

Jeff Sessions is on a roll this week!

First he announced he had filed charges against four White House leakers!

Then he announced he re-opened the investigation into Obama’s illegal slush-fund.

Then he went after MS-13 and rounded up over 100 more gangbangers.

Then he won the battle against Miami-Dade when they gave up sanctuary city status.

And now he’s just bitch-slapped Rahm Emanuel over the the same thing.

Memo to Crooked Rahm: your state is in meltdown, it has more deaths than Iraq, that’s why people call it “Chi-Raq”, I wouldn’t go there if I was kidnapped and forced to go, and you will NOT be successful in challenging Trump and Sessions.  Stand down moron!

You might have been following the story, but Rahm thinks he can take on Trump and Session and just filed a lawsuit.  Yeah, good luck with that buddy.  How about keeping your citizens from shooting each other for just one day?  Can you handle that?  So embarrassing.

Check out these latest developments:

Here’s more, from Breaking911:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions today issued the following statement on the city of Chicago’s lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for withholding federal funds due to sanctuary city status:

“No amount of federal taxpayer dollars will help a city that refuses to help its own residents.

“This administration is committed to the rule of law and to enforcing the laws established by Congress. To a degree perhaps unsurpassed by any other jurisdiction, the political leadership of Chicago has chosen deliberately and intentionally to adopt a policy that obstructs this country’s lawful immigration system. They have demonstrated an open hostility to enforcing laws designed to protect law enforcement — Federal, state, and local — and reduce crime, and instead have adopted an official policy of protecting criminal aliens who prey on their own residents. This is astounding given the unprecedented violent crime surge in Chicago, with the number of murders in 2016 surpassing both New York and Los Angeles combined. The city’s leaders cannot follow some laws and ignore others and reasonably expect this horrific situation to improve.

“The Mayor complains that the federal government’s focus on enforcing the law would require a ‘reordering of law enforcement practice in Chicago.’ But that’s just what Chicago needs: a recommitment to the rule of law and to policies that rollback the culture of lawlessness that has beset the city.

“This administration will not simply give away grant dollars to city governments that proudly violate the rule of law and protect criminal aliens at the expense of public safety. So it’s this simple: Comply with the law or forego taxpayer dollars.”



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  • Hungrydog1965 August 8, 2017

    I have another proposal for Rahm. Until he gets a handle on crime all law abiding citizens should get 2/3 of their property taxes back due to the fact we can only access 1/3 of the city because of the gangbangers he does nothing about. It’s time to take the streets back from this dictator forcing us to fear our own city. Chicago belongs to the people and we need a leader who will get it back from the criminals. God Bless America, Chicago, the law abiding citizens of Chicago and the Trump administration for upholding the law. Thank you.


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