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Jailed ISIS Fighters Awaiting Executation Brag & Boast about MURDERING Hundreds of Innocent People


These radical ISIS fighters (aka terrorists) are completely merciless… No man, woman or child is safe from their intentions: to completely our way of life. Believing to be on a “mission from God himself,” these individuals will use any means necessary to instill fear and terror any way possible. Public executions, car bombs and mass shootings are just a small number of the crimes they commit world wide EVERY  DAY; without mercy and with unwavering faith in their mission.

Fox News was recently granted access to speak with ISIS war fighters, men who terrorized and murdered in the name of their God.

Inside a low-slung concrete building ringed by blast walls and razor wire, unrepentant ISIS fighters awaiting execution told Fox News they killed and maimed innocent civilians under “license from God” while fighting alongside radical Americans and vowed the terror army can never be truly defeated.

Fox News was recently given exclusive access to prisoners, who spend their days behind yellow, steel doors and freely admit to killing hundreds of people as leaders of ISIS cells around the embattled country. Iraqi officials allowed the interviews in between interrogations of their own, aimed at understanding how the terror group operates.

Abu Omar, 25, told Fox News he oversaw a cell in Baghdad and, by his own admission, carried out countless bombings.

It gets even worse… 

After joining the terror group, he was initially assigned to guard a checkpoint in Mosul. There, he arrested women who weren’t properly veiled. For their offenses, they faced public lashing.

Omar told Fox News he was plucked from the post and trained in deployment of explosives. With his new skills, he moved up the ranks quickly before being sent to Baghdad to lead a sleeper cell charged with launching attacks against the public, he said.

He calmly described how he would pick up a car laden with explosives, always from someone he hadn’t met before, and park it at a busy, pre-scouted location.

“I walked away, and called a number on my phone,” he said.

As Omar melted into teeming crowds and detonated the bomb, all that remained was to wait to learn how many innocent men, women and children his twisted handiwork killed or maimed.

One bomb killed more than 100 people, including 30 women and children. Omar, who estimates he had a role in the deaths of 300, calmly described the screams and the chaotic aftermath.

Now facing a death sentence, Omar — despite a rote admission of remorse utterly lacking in conviction — appears untroubled by his deadly deeds. He claimed he had a license from God to kill in the name of Islam, and still believes ISIS is justified in torturing and burning prisoners of its own.

It’s so difficult to get informants inside ISIS that this facility has proven a gold mine for information. Intelligence gathered here is used to help the anti-ISIS coalition target airstrikes and predict the behavior of the black-clad jihadist army. Most of its occupants face the gallows when their usefulness ends.


Source article here.

I have NEVER been more proud and sure about my decision to vote for Donald Trump. It’s the first time in a long time we have a leader who is committed to the well being of his citizens, and will not tolerate radical men like those you just read about to cause harm to America or her great people.

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