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George Carlin DESTROYS Every Global Warming Argument in 90 Seconds!

I love comedians!

Comedians are some of the smartest people you will ever meet.  Super high IQs.  The top comedians are brilliant, on pace with geniuses in any other field.

To wit, check out this amazing clip where one of the best of all time, George Carlin, perfectly destroys every single global warming talking point in 90 seconds.  Absolutely beautiful.

Scroll down for a second video that’s longer, from the same stand up routine.  Carlin goes after environmentalists and knocks down every goofy thing they do!  This is pure genius, I miss Carlin!

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George Carlin Destroys Global Warming Alarmists

“Save the planet.”

Longer version, even better!

Climate Change Disclosure George Carlin Saving our Planet

Uploaded by arthur meier on 2013-08-14.

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For more awesome George Carlin, check this out:

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