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Trump Destroys “Political Correctness” and the Anti-Gun Lobby in One Shot!

This is a huge reason so many people love Trump.

He doesn’t speak like a politician.  He doesn’t speak in politically correct statements.  He doesn’t run his comments through a committee and focus group before saying them.

He speaks from the heart.

And did he ever let it rip today in his comments about the London terror attacks.  Trump has proven to be tough on terror and tough on the “PC” culture.

Trump responded to the London terror attack by suggesting the political correctness of the London culture and the Mayor’s near lack of response are only emboldening radical Islamic terrorists.

Seven people were killed and dozens of others were injured in the two Saturday night attacks on and near the London Bridge. Police are investigating the incidents as terror attacks, but no terror group has yet to claim responsibility.

Then he let loose on the PC culture:

Then he unloaded on the anti-gun lobby.  The President was on fire:


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