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Dr. Robert Jeffress: “Walls are God’s Ideas to Protect Nations” (Video)

It’s not like the concept of constructing a massive wall to keep out those who wished to cause harm is a new idea… In fact, it’s almost as old as mankind itself. Since biblical times, man constructed fortresses to protect himself from foreign invaders. 

Here we are, thousands of years later. It’s pretty striking to compare the days of old with modern times and see that not all that much has changed… While bleeding hearts prefer the term “divide” when speaking of the Wall, Dr. Robert Jeffress has a much better perspective; walls exist to PROTECT those within’ them. Plain and simple.

And what happens when a community is not surrounded by a protective wall? It is open to all those who would wish to cause harm to it’s inhabitants. Wink-wink…

It’s pretty hard to be “divided” about something when you’re dead.


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