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BOOM! Ryan Zinke REPEALS Obama Lead Ammunition Ban!

Score another win for the Second Amendment!

Trump’s new Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, wasted no time getting right to work.

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One of his first official actions was to repeal an Executive Order issued by Obama days before he left office.  Nice try Obama!  Meet President Trump.

Here is more of the story, from Breitbart:

It is interesting to note that Thursday was Zinke’s first day as Interior Secretary and repealing the onerous ban one of his first actions.

On January 19, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Lawrence Keane described the lead ammunition ban as the Obama administration’s “parting shot” against the hunting community. The ban was contained in Director’s Order 219–from National Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe–and it required regional directors to work with state-level agencies to begin phasing out the use of lead ammunition on Federal land. This included banning lead ammunition in “National Parks, tribal lands and national wildlife refuges in order to mirror policies in states where traditional ammunition is already restricted.”

D.O. 219 also stipulated that the “Assistant Director, Migratory Birds, in consultation with National Flyway Councils and individual states, …establish a process to phase in a requirement for the use of nontoxic ammunition for recreational hunting of mourning doves and other upland game birds.” This indicated a staggered implementation where the use of traditional ammunition for dove and upland bird hunting would be heavily restricted and eventually eliminated altogether.

But Zinke overturned this ban with Secretarial Order 3346.

S.O. 3346 “revokes Director’s Order 219.” Moreover, S.O. 3346 is effective immediately.

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If you aren’t ready to run through a brick wall after watching this, I’m not sure you have a pulse! We are so proud to have Donald J. Trump as our 45th President! America will be RICH Again! America will be SAFE Again! America will be GREAT Again!

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