Ann Coulter PERFECTLY Explains Why a Free Market TRUMPS All Other Systems for Healthcare

The beauty of living in a free market is the competition that stems from it. As a consumer in America, we are confronted with hundreds of choices a day. Where we’d like to eat for lunch, the grocery store we choose to shop in and the gas station we fill our tanks up at are all examples of having choice in the marketplace…

But what happens when the federal government decides to come in and regulate all aspects of healthcare? That competition goes out the window, and you’re suddenly stuck with only a few choices: pay mandated premiums (and often times for coverage you do not want or need) OR go uninsured and pay a heavy fee. Thanks, Obama. 

President Trump and the majority of the Republican Party are working tirelessly to produce a better, more practical system that appeals to our lives as Americans more than that monstrosity Obamacare ever did. Not even close!

Watch Ann Coulter perfectly describe WHY a free market for healthcare is the end goal:

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