Absolutely Priceless: Hillary Clinton “I Would Have Won If…” Video Montage is Perfect!

Oh Hillary, when will it ever work for you?

Hopefully never!

But I’m so glad she has failed so many times because some glorious bastard on the Internet just created his perfect montage video of all the times Hillary said “I would have won if….”.  It’s perfection.

Hillary seems so confused about why she lost.  I mean, after all, she did write this (hilarious) book:

Hey Hillary, what happened is you got run over by the BULLDOZER that is Donald Trump and his 70 million voters!  #TrumpTrain full steam ahead!  We rolled over your dead carcass like the nobody’s business!

But since she still seems so confused about why she lost, this brilliant video lists all her excuses.

It’s short and guaranteed to be the best thing you see all day.

Please enjoy my friends:

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