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Will Syria Be Trump’s Master Stroke? Or Master Fail?

Donald Trump’s decision to launch air strikes in Syria Thursday night has become immediately polarized.

People love it or hate it.

But here’s what I find very troubling:  the list of people who love it.  If you’ve been keeping tabs, here’s that list of supporters of the bombing:

Chuck Schumer

Hillary Clinton

John McCain

Lindsey Graham

Marco Rubio

Mark Levin

Paul Ryan

And many more of their ilk!  The “ilk” being neocons, warmongers, and Deep State shills.

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Is that a list you want anything to do with?  RED FLAGS.  RED FLAGS.  Actually, when talking about Syria, maybe I should be saying “False Flag” because that’s what the chemical attacks smell like to me.  It doesn’t add up.  Doesn’t even remotely pass the smell test.

Now, who is strongly against the new bombings?

Ann Coulter

Rand Paul

Ron Paul

Paul Joseph Watson

When you compare those two lists, I gotta tell ya which one I feel more comfortable being on, and which one creeps me the hell out!

And let me tell you what else?  Donald Trump from 2013 was in the SECOND list, not the first.

Take a look:

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 7.17.14 AM Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 7.17.22 AM Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 7.17.31 AM


It’s not all doom and gloom Trump friends.

I believe it’s POSSIBLE that what looks very dark right now COULD end up being another brilliant master stroke by Mr. Art of the Deal.  So brilliant that it’s tough for us to even see it right now.

It’s possible that Trump is playing two groups against each other and we’ll see the fruit of this in the coming weeks.

It’s possible that Trump is using this to destroy the Russia story while also destroying the intelligence agencies.

Here’s how that might look.

Donald Trump bombs Syria on the basis of intelligence reports.  Perhaps he knows the reports are flawed.  Perhaps he can prove it in the coming weeks.  If so, he totally destroys the credibility of the Deep State CIA and intelligence agencies and gets the separation from them he needs.

Meanwhile, he sends a message to the world that the USA is done with it’s apology tour and we are not afraid to act.

He also immediately puts an end to the goofy Russia collusion story because he acted without consulting with Putin.

Is that how this will play out?

I hope so!

I still have faith in our man Trump, just hope he hasn’t been compromised.

It could be this is his most brilliant move yet.

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