Video: “Whitelash” To “Nightmare” – Re-Live The BEST Media Melt-Downs After Trump’s 2016 Win!

We can all remember it like it was yesterday. With Fake News exit polls showing a clear Clinton victory, pundits across cable news celebrated Hillary’s win over Trump at 7 PM on November 8th.

But by midnight, it had turned to delicious liberal tears.

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Rachel Maddow, a militant liberal authoritarian, horrified at the thought of Americans having even 1% more Constitutional freedom…

MSNBC liar-in-chief Brian Williams and his panel claiming that Americans should be “afraid” of Donald Trump, despite electing him for President as he spoke…

A panicked Jake Tapper of CNN referred to the Clinton campaign as “we”…

And finally, Van Jones’ epic racial melt-down (which blatantly ignored Trump’s support among minority voters, which towers over that of Mitt Romney or John McCain):

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