Video: Donna Brazile Nails Clinton AGAIN, Says 2016 Campaign Ran Like a Religious Cult -

Video: Donna Brazile Nails Clinton AGAIN, Says 2016 Campaign Ran Like a Religious Cult

Donna Brazile is becoming a thorn in Hillary Clinton’s side. But the long-time campaign operative says the Dems’ foul odor goes far beyond one candidate.

In a quickly-spreading viral video clip, Brazile told (former) RINO lackey Joe Scarborough that the Clinton campaign amounted to a “cult” with zero street cred.

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Later in the video, Brazile seems to compliment new DNC chief Tom Perez…before responding to Perez’s slimy criticism of her by calling him “baby.”

The clip:

More from Breitbart:

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile called Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign “a cult.”

Partial transcript as follows:

SCARBOROUGH: Bottom line it for us. Why did they lose? Was it, at the end of the day, arrogance?

BRAZILE: Yes, Joe. It was a cult, I felt like it was a cult. You could not penetrate them. I mean, I — look, you can — I’m a grassroot organizer. I know street politics better than I know sweet politics. I know how to touch people where they live, work, pray, and play. But I cannot help a candidate, Joe, if I don’t have the resources, if I cannot spend the resources that the party is raising because there’s a blind agreement between —


BRAZILE: A campaign—

BRZEZINSKI: Unspoken even—

BRAZILE: And, again, I want my party to come back from this stronger. I like what Tom Perez is doing. I know he said this is not about my book. Baby, I know it’s not about my book. But it’s about making much-needed changes and reform inside the party. I’ve sat at the table. I want to make room for others to sit at the table, but you have to come into the room knowing you have to change the recipe. Yesterday was a wake-up call for the Democrats, too. Because you know what? It’s coming from the bottom up. It’s not top-down anymore. It’s bottom-up politics now.

In other words, it’s Twitter, it’s Steve Bannon.

It’s TRUMP politics, baby!

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