Video: National Rifle Association DESTROYS Don Lemon, CNN With Hilarious Parody Ad

CNN, as sanctimonious as a shed full of scientists, has put out a campy “an apple is an apple” ad on the internet, obviously aimed at the Trump Train. 

The ad also (quite ironically) boasts that CNN is a factual, unbiased network concerned only with publishing and reporting fair stories.

NRA members aren’t known for their comedy skills, but in response to the CNN ad, they’ve cooked up a doozy…aimed especially at Crybaby Don Lemon, an over-the-top Trump hater.

Here’s the CNN ad, which basically accuses the White House and any pro-Trump media outlets (all 3 or 4 of them) of calling an apple a banana:

And the NRA’s hilarious response ad:

Careful NRA, you’ll make Don Lemon burst into tears again!

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