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Unseen Trump Prophecy From 2007! Incredible!

You may be familiar with Prophet Kim Clement.

He is one of the prophets who very famously predicted Donald Trump’s rise to the Presidency, back in 2014 when no one even thought Trump would run, let alone have any chance of winning!

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Now new portions of that prophecy have surfaced and it’s even more incredible than what you’ve already seen.  He talks about “a man of gold” and a man like David.  Let’s see, David vs. Goliath pretty much perfectly sums up the 2016 election, don’t you think? Even on election night, odds were 91% that Crooked Hillary would win!  And if there were ever a “man of gold” it would have to be Donald Trump.

Totally incredible stuff, here’s the full video.


UNSEEN Prophecy from Kim Clement of Donald Trump Feb 2014

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The Many Prophecies of Donald Trump – President #45 (no music)

Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/americafirstpatriots Many prophets went on the record well befor the November 2016 election and said in very clear terms that Donald Trump would win. Take a look! By popular request, this version with no background music. *************************************************************** Don’t miss: Is Obama a Muslim?

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