Trump Taking Extreme New Measures To Avoid Court Ban and STOP Illegal Immigration! -

Trump Taking Extreme New Measures To Avoid Court Ban and STOP Illegal Immigration!

President Trump’s number one issue on the campaign trail and while he’s been in office is illegal immigration. Ironically, the only thing the liberal Appellate Court Judges and House and Senate Democrats have been able to accomplish is to temporarily thwart Trump’s attempts to rein-in illegal immigration.

From the travel ban to border wall/gate/barrier funding, the political and judiciary-left has remained in lockstep against the key issue that likely won Trump the presidency in 2016. This has pushed the president to the point where action is long overdue.

For those who believe there is no crisis currently underway at the southern border:

Thanks to organizations like Judicial Watch, Americans who care about stopping illegal immigration have a microphone and a platform to push forward.

So what is President Trump going to do about the current state of the illegal immigration crisis? Axios outlines the moves the President and his administration are aiming to make in order to significantly reduce the amount of illegals pouring into the country.

“President Trump has directed top officials to execute the most aggressive changes in immigration policy since his inauguration, sources tell Axios.

. . .

1. Make regulatory changes that make it ‘more difficult for low-skilled immigrants … to gain admission’ into the United States ‘and easier for high-skilled immigrants who are likely to be self-sufficient.’

. . .

2. Make it more difficult for people to invoke their fear of returning to their home country in order to seek asylum in the U.S.

. . .

3. The official said the White House is frustrated by the granting of work permits to asylum seekers so soon after entering the country, describing the practice as ‘a major draw.’

. . .

4. The White House also wants to change rules to allow the government to detain migrant children for longer than the 20-day limit allowed under the so-called Flores agreement.

If Congress continues to fail at their jobs, which is to pass legislation for the good of the American people, then President Trump has to lead the way. With this set of changes, he is taking the first step toward affecting change at the border and in regards to illegal immigration.

The Washington Examiner had coverage on this issue as well, noting the fiscal impact felt by tax-paying Americans ultimately caused by Democrat-supported open-border policies:

“NBC reported last month that ‘the Department of Health and Human Services has requested [Department of Defense] support for bed space for up to 5,000 children.’ The report added that the Department of Homeland Security is ‘working on a plan that would allow defense funds and personnel to be used in transporting immigrants in need of medical transport.’

That’s three federal agencies being crushed under the weight of an unabated flow of migrantsshowing up at our door in need of welfare. Yes, welfare — that’s millions of dollars in healthcare and child services they’re immediately receiving upon arrival, Democrats’ denials notwithstanding.”

Change on this front needs to happen with Trump in office. The bottom line is that Democrats obviously have 100% turned their backs on solving illegal immigration, and the GOP is not likely to do much in the way of moving the needle, either.

House and Senate Republicans need to put pressure on the Democrats to work with the President on some real solutions and if they don’t, then every Republican needs to hit the daytime news channels and explain to the American people exactly which politicians and political party is selling them out to individuals who are invading the country and robbing them of their hard-earned money.

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