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Hannity Says He Has Collusion Dossier On Adam Schiff!

Among the long list of Democrats who have no business being part of this great nation’s legislature, “Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff may be the absolute worst. The California Congressman practically spent every waking moment of his service to his constituents begging for another segment with CNN, dangling Trump-Russia collusion “evidence” in front of them like red meat.

After two years of fools like Adam Schiff doing exactly what he did, Americans are almost irreparably divided along partisan lines. It turns out that when individuals believe a particular narrative, they will latch on to the first instance of confirmation-biased material they consume.

Adam Schiff played right into this exploitation. Now, he may get a taste of his own medicine, if Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Fox News host Sean Hannity have anything to say about it.


Sean Hannity has been doing excellent work, nailing Schiff to the wall repeatedly for his cowardice and lies.

Is anyone surprised by the fact that old Pencil Neck won’t show his face on the ‘Sean Hannity Show?’

Democrats are going to run into a buzzsaw, one way or another. Either House and Senate Republicans are given the opportunity to investigate Democrat malfeasance, or the American people will see how callous and convoluted the Dems’ scheme of obstruction and resistance truly is… just in time for the 2020 election.

These investigations will go forward in some manner, at some point. The information is there; reporters like Sean Hannity have evidence, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Fox News host Sean Hannity said on Monday he has a ‘dossier’ on Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the embattled House Intelligence Committee chairman who is facing calls from Republicans to step down from the leadership role for his insistence that there is evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russia.

During an interview on Hannity’s evening program, House Intelligence ranking member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., talked up his new $150 million lawsuit against the McClatchy Company and others for allegedly conspiring with a political operative to hinder his investigative work into Hillary Clinton and Russian interference. To all the people who ‘lied’ and ‘defamed,’ Nunes said, ‘We are going to come after you.’

Hannity suggested ‘cowardly’ Schiff be added to the list, before saying, ‘I have a dossier on Schiff.'”

The more folks like Hannity press Rep. Schiff to answer for his apparent lies, the more he looks like a guilty crook. At a certain point, he will be dragged before the various Congressional investigative bodies to answer for his role in the witch hunt against a sitting U.S. President.

If Democrats in the House succeed in blocking this action, there will be backlash at the polls in 2020, spelling disaster for Democrats. Over at Town Hall, the depth of Hannity’s dirt on Schiff is examined:

“During a discussion with Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Monday, Fox News host Sean Hannity said the joke is still on Schiff because he has incriminating evidence against him. The congressman knows it too, Hannity said, because he acted rather shifty when he confronted him about it.

‘I’ve got a tape of him colluding with the Russian or somebody believed to be a Russian that had compromising materials or naked pictures of Trump,’ Hannity revealed. ‘And you know he was hyperventilating on the phone call didn’t know it was a hoax.'”

“Shifty” Adam Schiff had better make sure he gets excellent legal advice and representation, because it looks like his fraudulent claims are going to come back to haunt him in the near future. If Hannity’s “dossier” is true, Mr. Schiff knows it. too.

Schiff just couldn’t quit while he was ahead. None of the Democrats or mainstream media members could help themselves. Here’s Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Schiff’s continued insistence that President Trump is still guilty of colluding with Russia:

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