Trump Reminds The American People About Obama’s Hot-Mic Moment With Russia

When was the last time we had a POTUS that was this funny?

Maybe since Reagan, who famously said to his wife after being shot in the chest and nearly assassinated, “Honey, I forgot to duck.” When he was wheeled into the operating room to have the bullet removed, he joked with his doctors saying, “I hope you’re all Republicans.”

Or it might have been Calvin Coolidge. During his 1924 presidential election bid, he answered “No” to three questions in a row during a press release. Watching the reporters file out of the room, he called after them, “Now remember – don’t quote me.”

Donald Trump always seems to know how to drop a tweet at the right moment. After tweeting his sensational accusation about Towergate early this morning, he shot another zinger at Obama through Twitter.

Check this one out… I dare you not to laugh.


Trump is referring to Obama’s MAJOR slip-up years ago. While Obama was running for re-election, he went on live TV to talk to Medvedev, who was President of Russia at the time. When the interview ended and they leaned over to shake hands, you can clearly hear Obama (thinking his mic was off) say “Tell Vladimir that after the election I’ll have more flexibility.” At the time, Putin was Prime Minister of Russia.

Imagine if President Trump said that? The media would go berserk, call it a national crisis and cry for Trump’s immediate impeachment. But Obama? Nah, nothing to see here folks.

Check out Obama’s hot mic moment here:

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