Trump Played Romney Like a Fiddle! -

Trump Played Romney Like a Fiddle!

Were you agonizing over Mitt Romney as Secretary of State?

Fear no more, multiple news reports are now confirming Mitt Romney is out as Secretary of State.

The question is, was he ever really considered in the first place?

Donald Trump is always five steps ahead of everyone else, including the media.  Trump is playing chess while others play checkers.  In fact, he commonly uses the media for his own benefit and they gladly play into it.

Didn’t any of these photos strike you as odd?




Even the smirk on Trump’s face and twinkle in his eye on each one?

Donald Trump EXPERTLY played Mitt Romney like a fiddle and Mitt, desperate for the attention, played right into it.  Like the parasite he is.

Mitt’s legacy was shaping up to be that he failed a presidential bid twice, viciously attacked Trump (failed at that), setup a 3rd party candidate in Utah to run against Trump (failed miserably at that) and on and on it goes.  So Trump offered him an opportunity to wash away many of these bad memories by dangling the possibility of Secretary of State and Mitt saw the possibility of a new legacy forming.

So Mitt bit, hook, line and sinker!

What was Trump’s master plan?  You can almost see it in the twinkle in his eye in these photos, can’t you?  Trump’s master plan was to lure Mitt in so that he could cut him off at the knees!  Mitt’s #NeverTrump movement wasn’t very powerful, but it was an annoyance and a thorn in Trump’s side during the campaign.  He doesn’t need to deal with that distraction in his first term as President, so he wanted to shut it down.

How better than to draw Mitt in?  What do they say, you catch more bees with honey?  Mitt saw the honey and came buzzing.  And then he was caught in Trump’s snare!

Once Trump had him on the line, he paraded him out and about and got these fantastic pictures plastered all over the news (the media thought they were hurting Trump, but he led them along the whole way).  Trump even brought Reince Preibus with him to one dinner to further create a witness.

Even Kellyanne Conways very public tweets against Romney were all probably part of the act!

READ MORE:  Kellyanne Goes on the Offensive Against Romney

So what’s the master plan?  To lure Romney in so that he cannot ever again criticize Trump!  It’s stunningly brilliant!  Imagine in 3 months Mitt goes back to his #NeverTrump nonsense.  He will look like the biggest con artist and charlatan ever!  Sure, he was happy to cozy up to Trump when he thought he might get Secretary of State, but now he’s changing his tune again?  Even the crooked media would not let him get away with that.

No, Mitt Romney has cooked his own goose.  He very publicly gave up any firepower he had against Trump, and Trump so expertly took him out at the knees!

The final act is for Trump to pull the Secretary of State position away from Romney and leave him twisting in the wind!

What an expert, surgical-like strike by our new Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump!  Brilliant!


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