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Trump 100% Right — We Don’t Want Unsuccessful, Poor People In Top Spots

The left had a field day with this one, claiming Trump committed some grave sin.

What he said was that he doesn’t want poor people in the top cabinet positions.

Here’s what he said:

Isn’t this just common sense?  In this case, what Trump is talking about is the fact that being poor really equates to being unsuccessful.  Who do we want running America?  People who can’t even run their own household?  People who don’t understand business?  People who have no idea how to create wealth?

Or do we want the best of the best?  The top of the top?  That’s who Trump has brought into his cabinet.  He went outside The Swamp and brought in the top business people he could find.  Titans of industry. People who have been wildly successful in their careers.  People….like Trump himself.

And he asked of them, “Will you take your unique talents, gifts and knowledge, and put those to use for the benefit of the United States?  Will you leave your companies, divest your ownership positions, and work as a public servant to help fix America?”

And remarkably, they said yes!

I love what Trump has done here and I support it 100%!

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