Today’s DUD Of A Mueller Probe-Revelation Proves Trump Is Still The Road Runner – Liberals Are The Coyote!

The Swamp was revved-up to strike back at Trump after last week’s amazing economic news and military success.

But today’s news had to have been a major disappointment in the ranks.

READ MORE: Manafort Hit With Pre-Trump Crimes Only! President Trump Here To Stay! 

Paul Manafort is now charged with possible crimes stemming from before he was ever involved with the Trump campaign, in fact from when he was working with Democrats.

But by pressuring the Mueller team from a partisan, liberal angle – trying to “get” President Trump – the Democrats are distorting democracy itself.

The media will be complicit as usual.

Today’s anti-Trump “spin” is that Mueller is simply threatening the President and toying with him by means of the unrelated allegations against his associates.

Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz on Fox News today:

The MSM and Trump remain the Coyote and the Road Runner.

Remember that “Trump Gone Tomorrow!” isn’t just a click-bait headline on Facebook. Look deeply, and it’s the liberal media’s main narrative. Always a fresh “end-all” crisis…without many facts.

Thankfully, Americans aren’t buying it.

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