Surprise Move: Trump Just Pulled the U.S. Out of UNESCO! Major Blow to Shadow Government! -

Surprise Move: Trump Just Pulled the U.S. Out of UNESCO! Major Blow to Shadow Government!

Many times, Trump will do something that totally surprises everyone.  

This is one of those times.

While not really on anyone’s radar, President Trump just made a bold and very surprising move to withdraw the U.S. from UNESCO!

Now, what is UNESCO, you may be asking?  Well, quite simply it’s one of the biggest pro-abortion, anti-life shadow government tools for funneling money and promoting anti-life policies.  It’s a cancer.

No one really expected Trump to take that on, but out of nowhere he just hit it with a haymaker!  And immediately the shadow government has just taken another serious wound!

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Thank you Mr. Trump, thank you!!

Since most people probably don’t know much about UNESCO or just how big of a move this is, we wanted to quote from our friend Butch Robinson’s blog over at LettersFromTheGulag:

Trump just took down a huge tool of the Globalist Shadow Government, and FURTHER weakened the Globalist Rogues in the CIA.

SHOCKED and pleasantly so! Trump just took the U.S. out of U.N.E.S.C.O. – The U.S. State Department spokesperson said the reason was the need for UNESCO reforms and the body’s anti-Israel Bias. I don’t think so.After all, Israel is still a member and this is Trump surprising us and Trump knows the Malthusian/Genocidal Cultural Marxist structure and goals of UNESCO and its close ties as a TOOL of the CIA Deep State, creating hard and soft genocide around the world.

I did an in-depth study several years ago and wrote 19 articles about it, based on a criticism of lectures by a Yale Professor who is the foremost expert on “Evolutionary Demographics” a euphemism for Globalist Population Reduction Genocide. The coordinator of this Globalist Marxist Genocidal Operation is CIA/UNESCO. AND PRAISE BE TO THE LIFE-GIVING CREATOR GOD, America because of Donald Trump just stopped supporting it.

Spin in your graves, Julian and Aldous Huxley, Allen and John Foster Dulles, John and David Rockefeller! May your victims torment you.

UNESCO has been the conduit financing the majority of the 1.6 BILLION Abortions worldwide, (just since 1990) completely running the African Operation, with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and even subsidized the One Child Policy in China; UNESCO owns and operates most of the abortion operations in India. AND WE JUST KICKED IT TO THE CURB!

The Marxist media will spin this that Trump is so racist that he is intentionally “creating” genocide. That’s the inside-outside game.

If you’re not reading Butch’s blog, you should start.  Go here.

On Facebook, the following comments were also made, which are spot on.  Watch and see if this happens:

You’re 100% right Butch.  Wow, what awesome news to wake up to today!

Folks, this President is doing things I never thought would be possible – fighting back the shadow government behemoth!  Most people will never even know or understand a fraction of what he has done already.  And to top it all off, he’s taking heavy fire on the front lines, with attacks coming from all the Luciferians who hate him.  And by the way, they hate you too.

Thank you Mr. Trump!!!  God Bless This President!

You are indeed saving our country and giving us all a second chance.

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