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The Smartest Thing Trump Could Do Right Now

I am becoming increasingly worried about the economy.

When Donald Trump was campaigning for President he said very clearly: “we are in a big, fat, ugly bubble”.  Remember?

Take a look:

Trump: We Are in a Big Fat Ugly Bubble

Sept. 26 — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump discuss the U.S. economy and the Fed during the first U.S. presidential debate from Hofstra University.

To quote candidate Trump:  “We are in a big, fat, ugly bubble.  The only thing that looks good is the stock market and if you raise interest rates even a little, that’s going to come crashing down.”

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As a candidate, Trump was 100% right.  Unfortunately, as a President, he has shifted gears and is celebrating the rising stock market.

I’m 100% behind Trump.  His biggest fan.  So let me tell you why this worries me.  We ARE in a big, fat, ugly bubble.  And when Trump shifted from warning about it to taking credit for the market rise, he just joined himself to this market.  And it’s going to pop.  Soon.

We never really recovered from 2008.  We just covered it up with massive amounts of new debt and massive amounts of new printed money.  Obama was living on borrowed time for 8 years.  That ticking time bomb was just handed over to President Trump.  It’s not his fault.  It’s not even really Obama’s fault if we want to be honest about it.  It’s the Federal Reserve and their criminal policies.

But that bomb is about to go off in Trump’s hands and I don’t like it one bit.

The smartest thing Trump could do right now is immediately go back to the language of calling it a bubble.  Then, when it pops, it’s not “his” bubble.

Second, he should immediately revise the way the government tracks and reports the unemployment rate.  By accurately reporting the unemployment rate, we would see immediately that true unemployment is currently between 10-20%.  Right now, we count part time jobs as “employed”.  Ever wonder how Obama created 200,000 jobs per month?  It’s because each time a full time job, with benefits, was eliminated, companies filled that job with 2-3 part time jobs.  And like magic, unemployment goes down.  But real earnings and quality of life for Americans also went way down.  If that weren’t true, Trump never would have been elected.

Trump needs to immediately switch the reporting metrics to report the true unemployment rate.  Jump it up to 20%.  Make it real.  Then Trump can show how he brings it down over the course of his 8 years in office.

A tidal wave is coming.  Trump needs to be sounding the alarms right now and doing everything he can to associate this market and this economy with Obama….not with him.

Do you agree?  Comments welcome.

Trump’s Bubble – ‘US’ debt is going to explode’ says Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff recently told CNBC that the ‘US Debt bomb is going to explode’. Here’s a video of Peter Schiff masterfully detailing why we are in a Bubble and why it will have to explode and deflate sooner or later. Please visit and become a subscriber.

Peter Schiff — 1 June 2017 — Trump and US market


Our warning….published here on back in March 2017.

We still stand behind it.

Massive debt bubble about to pop like a big, huge Obama zit!


Prediction: Market Crash Coming Fall 2017

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