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Sheriff Clarke Just Dropped Bombshell About the Deep State

I am so glad the Deep State (Shadow Government) is being exposed!

For years, until just the last 6 months, if you talked about the Deep State or Shadow Government, you were called a loon!  People tried to fit you for a tin hat.  Mocked as a conspiracy theorist.

No more.

With Wikileaks and Donald Trump bringing the Deep State into the light, their operation has been exposed and millions of Americans are waking up to what is happening behind the scenes.  A very powerful small group of people, many of whom you don’t even know their names, are pulling all the strings behind the scenes.  Until Donald Trump, the plan went like this.  Allow the Americans to hold “elections”.  Make them think they are electing a new leader on their own.  Make them think they really have power of government.

The reality had always been that the two candidates who made it to the General Election were fully controlled by the Deep State.  Appointed by the Deep State.  Their hand picked puppets.  Can you say “Obama”?!?  How else do you really think this unknown, community organizing nobody rose up in only a few short years to become President?  Think!

And why do you think we have political dynasties like the Clintons and Bushes?  Because once the Deep State gets their claws into a family, it’s just easier to keep with them.  Keep the leverage they have over them.  And don’t expand the circle any bigger than it has to be.

They never in a million years thought a man like Donald Trump would rise up.  COULD rise up.  They thought it impossible.

But Trump had the money and the mouth to get out his message directly to the people.  Twitter and Facebook made it possible, when it couldn’t have happened even as recently as 2008.  A true man of the people rose up to ACTUALLY represent Americans…not the Deep State.

Folks, connect the dots!  Why else do you think the entire system hates him?  The left, the right, it doesn’t matter!  They all hate him, because he is a threat to their very way of life!

If you agree with this analysis, SHARE SHARE SHARE this article, we have to get the word out!  Help people WAKE UP!

One man definitely agrees with it.  The man himself, Sheriff David Clarke.  Check out what he just posted to Twitter:

Thank you Sheriff Clarke!  You are RIGHT ON!   Please share!

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