Sen. Josh Hawley Joins Lindsey Graham in Calling for Investigations of Obama Administration, Deep State! -

Sen. Josh Hawley Joins Lindsey Graham in Calling for Investigations of Obama Administration, Deep State!

Sen. Lindsey Graham is not fighting the good fight alone.

After his call for investigations into Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and the DOJ, many conservatives cheered, but it seemed that GOP politicians were hesitant if not behind him on that point.

However, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has since stepped up, joining the South Carolina Senator in calls for investigating the hoax:

Sen. Hawley, speaking with conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, laid out the case for investigating all of those who Republicans have suspected of wrongdoing for years:

“Sen. Josh Hawley told syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt Friday morning that he supports appointing a new special counsel to investigate the FBI’s 2016 counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.

‘Counterintelligence is a spy investigation that they launched against the president, because from what we can tell, they disliked his foreign policy stance. I mean, it’s extraordinary,’ Hawley said. ‘We need to put these people under oath, bring them in, put them before the cameras, and make them answer questions.’

[Speaking to radio host Hugh Hewitt] ‘I have said that we need a special counsel. We also need oversight hearings. It’s not either/or. It’s both/and. And look, I said, I demanded answers, Hugh, from the FBI. I sent them a letter. I’ve sent them two letters now, actually, particularly on this counterintelligence investigation that Andy McCabe has told the world about, and that we’ve learned about, and that they launched against the president of the United States. You know, this is a spy. I mean, counterintelligence is a spy investigation that they launched against the president, because from what we can tell, they disliked his foreign policy stance. I mean, it’s extraordinary. You talk about a separation of powers crisis, that’s one right there. So I’ve demanded answers from the FBI. They’ve stonewalled me. They have tried to just completely shut out me and my staff, so I’ve said look, if it takes a special counsel then to get up in their business, then that’s what we need to do.'”

More members of the GOP need to sign on to this and put pressure on the various Congressional investigative bodies to look into crooked Hillary and the deep state.

It’s clear that there is more probable cause worth looking into than there ever was with the Trump campaign.

It stinks to high heaven, and the American people agree, according to Asche Chow over at the Daily Wire:

“A majority of Americans now believe that the special counsel’s investigation into whether President Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election was ‘politically motivated,’ a sharp increase from when the poll was last conducted in January – before the investigation was completed.

The news comes from a recent CBS News poll, conducted between March 25 and March 26, which found 54% of respondents believe the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was ‘politically motivated,’ compared to 37% who believe it was ‘justified.’

The poll was previously conducted in January and, at that time, found 50% of respondents believed the investigation was ‘justified’ and 45% said it was ‘politically motivated.'”

What does all of this mean? What we know is that the Republican base is livid, and has been for more than two years, over the fact that the Democrats have been allowed to run roughshod over a duly elected president of the opposite party since his election in November of 2016.

The mainstream media and the deep state, along with what looks like help from a few RINOs, have been 100% complicit in pushing the obviously false narrative that President Donald Trump is a traitor and was illegitimately elected.

They used that narrative to attempt to make the case that the President shouldn’t have been allowed to make any policy decisions, presidential appointments and nominees, or be involved in any legislation while he was under the Special Counsel’s investigation.

Is that insidiousness at its worst or what? They would have gotten away with it, too, had it not been for that “meddling Donald Trump,” who is a fighter and won’t back down.

Lesser Presidents would have folded under the pressure. Nothing even close to President Trump’s conservative agenda would have been accomplished.

Trump’s 2020 campaign theme literally needs to be “I was able to accomplish tons of my conservative agenda, including tax cuts, cutting regulations, restoring the military, further weakening Obamacare, and plenty more all while the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and the deep state colluded to oust me as your duly-elected President.”

Here is Fox News legal analyst and author of “The Russia Hoax” Greg Jarrett, in a video from 10 months ago, explaining why the Trump-Russia collusion allegation is a hoax:

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