Joe Biden Responds To #MeToo Accusations -

Joe Biden Responds To #MeToo Accusations

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, reunite with Kara Neal, daughter of U.S. Coast Guard Cmdr. Prince Neal, after Biden arrived at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, July 27. Neal is a former military executive aid to Vice President Biden. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Nathan Allen)

Vice President Joe Biden, who was accused by former Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores (D) of inappropriately touching her during a 2014 political rally, has issued a statement through his spokesperson regarding the alleged incident. Several news media outlets picked up on the likely 2020 Democrat presidential candidate’s effort to sidestep the #MeToo mob:

The trending sentiment on Twitter is that “everyone” knew that Creepy Uncle Joe has a history of inappropriately touching women, however, only now have they decided to finally step up and condemn him for it. What’s changed? Is this a sign that the DNC leadership does not want Biden entering the 2020 Democrat primary fray? Here’s the Los Angeles Times, with the statement put out by Biden’s spokesperson:

“A spokesman for Biden said Friday that the former vice president was ‘pleased’ to support Flores in 2014, and neither he nor his staff had ‘an inkling that Ms. Flores had been at any time uncomfortable, nor do they recall what she describes.’

‘But Vice President Biden believes that Ms. Flores has every right to share her own recollection and reflections, and that it is a change for better in our society that she has the opportunity to do so,’ the statement read. ‘He respects Ms. Flores as a strong and independent voice in our politics and wishes her only the best.'”

Continuing with the narrative that it hasn’t been a secret that Joe Biden has always been inappropriate around women, Vox ran a story detailing the former Vice President’s misdeeds:

“Flores’s experience isn’t unique. It is no secret in Washington that Biden has touched numerous women inappropriately in public. It’s just never been treated as a serious issue by the mainstream press.

Biden’s been caught on camera embracing a female reporter from behind and gripping her above her waist, just below her bust. At a swearing-in ceremony for Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Biden put his hands on the shoulders of Stephanie Carter, Carter’s wife, and then leaned in and whispered into her ear. (He’s whispered into many women’s ears.) He’s also touched women’s faces and necks during other photo ops. Once at a swearing-in ceremony for a US senator, he held the upper arm of the senator’s preteen daughter, leaned down and whispered into her ear, as she became visibly uncomfortable. Then he kissed the side of her forehead, a gesture that made the girl flinch.”

It is interesting that Vox is low key railing against the “mainstream media” for not treating this is as a “serious issue” in the past. They act as if they didn’t have the power to run this story months or even years ago, in order to shed light upon it and fire up the #MeToo crowd. To their credit, Vox points out (in the same piece as quoted above) a couple of factual details surrounding the entire American news media’s handling of the situation:

“It’s all out in the open. News outlets wrote about these incidents. But the stories ran under light-hearted headlines like, ‘Photo of famously friendly Joe Biden goes viral’ or ‘Here’s Joe Biden being Joe Biden with Ash Carter’s wife‘or ‘Joe Biden: Sex symbol?,’ a piece that I edited and now regret.

Ideological media outlets did write some critical pieces during the Obama era. At the Federalist, Mollie Hemingway questioned whether liberals would tolerate the same conduct from a conservative. At Talking Points Memo, Alana Levinson criticized liberals for giving him a pass.

But, overall, Biden got a pass from the political media.”

However, even Vox’s hands aren’t clean, as the above titled “Joe Biden: Sex Symbol” was edited by the journalist who wrote this piece. The “ideological media outlets,” which basically means any media site without a general leftward leaning, wrote “some critical pieces during the Obama era.” Yet, no mainstream media outlets wanted to touch those legitimate stories with a ten foot pole. Why? It’s simple: Democrat malfeasance is always covered for, by the mainstream media and Democratic Party leadership, so long as the person in question is still important to the cause.

Who knows how this will affect Creepy Uncle Joe’s chances of being the nominee for the Dems in 2020. For now, Republicans can sit back and enjoy the unraveling of those who will try to hang on and support him. I’ll leave you with this unsettling, yet, hilarious montage of Joe Biden’s creepiness on full display:

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