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Report: Trump May Bring Back This “Battle Cat” War Ship!

Obama decommissioned all our great warships.  President Trump is bringing them back.

Ask anyone who knows, and they’ll tell you the USS Kitty Hawk is one of the most legendary warships of all time.  And it could be making a comeback.

Look at this badass:

kitty hawk

The news broke in a Defense & Aerospace Report interview with Naval Sea Systems Command Vice Adm. Thomas Moore.  In the interview, Moore talked about the plan to increase the Navy’s fleet from 275 warships to 355 warships.  Thank you President Trump!  At 355, that will just bring us back to where we were before Obama started aggressively tearing down our Navy!

Moore explained that one way to quickly rebuild the fleet is to bring decommissioned and mothballed ships back into service.  That brings us to the USS Kitty Hawk, which was the last diesel-powered aircraft carrier in service at the time it was decommissioned.

Don’t know much about the Kitty Hawk?  Watch this amazing video where it cuts through 90 foot waves like butter!

Perfect Storm 90 foot waves!!!

The Supercarrier USS Kittyhawk in 90ft seas almost 3,000,000 views impressive. Thanks for watching and for the comments

Watch the interview with Vice Adm. Moore here:

NAVSEA Commander Moore on Ford Carrier, Columbia-Class Subs, FY18 Budget

Vice Adm. Thomas Moore, USN, commander of Naval Sea Systems Command, discusses the Navy’s May 31, 2017, acceptance of the new, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford from builder Huntington Ingalls Industries after successful sea trials, what’s next for the ship as it undergoes the process of being commissioned into the fleet, his maintenance budget and priorities for 2018, the program to develop a new frigate, and the Columbia ballistic-missile submarine program’s schedule.

Commissioned in 1961 and decommissioned in 2009, the Kitty Hawk earned the name “Battle Cat” for good reason: the 82,000-ton carrier had survived and thrived through conflicts (wars) ranging from the Vietnam War to the Iranian hostage crisis, and most recently even in crises in Somalia and Iraq.

Learn More About the Kitty Hawk:


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