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President Trump Keeps a Killer Schedule, Take a Look!

Ever feel like you have rough hours?  

Try being Donald Trump.  Sure, your schedule probably gets more busy when you become President of the United States!  But he wasn’t just playing golf and taking naps before becoming POTUS.  In fact, Donald Trump has one of the most famous work ethics of anyone I have ever seen.

In his recent interview with FoxNews host Bill O’Reilly, Trump opened up about his schedule.

Trump claims he routinely works (not stays up, but works) until midnight or 1:00 am every night and then usually wakes about around 5:00 am to begin working again!

You can tell someone has found their calling when their work energizes them instead of wearing them down.  Trump has famously said he enjoys what he does and he loves the thrill of the new challenge of being President.

In a recent interview, he said he loved how big the job was because there was so much opportunity to fix things!

Man, I love this guy!

The full interview clip is below where Trump talks about his schedule and more.

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